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Top Three Benefits of Local Dining

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Top Three Benefits of Local Dining

At Greene’s Beans, we emphasize the importance of dining and getting our foods from local sources. But is this really all that it’s cracked up to be? Read on to find out our top three benefits of local dining and decide for yourself.

  1. Spend less. While you may be able to get some brown, coffee-flavored powder from an internet source, we promise you will never get our high-grade, high-quality coffee at a lower price than right from the source! When you shop locally, you are cutting out a lot of “middle men.” Your food does not have to travel, does not have to be packaged or preserved as long, and the company doesn’t have to try so hard to market all over the country—or the world. Instead, we concentrate on bringing you the best coffee and tea beverages at the best prices.
  2. Support your community more. When you spend money in a small business, it stays in the community. The money that our customers spend goes to support our local banks, donations to local community organizations, and jobs for your neighbors. By shopping locally, you are giving your friends, family, and community the benefit of the doubt and making your community thrive!
  3. No substitute for fresh. At Greene’s Beans, we roast our coffee beans on site, so your coffee is always as fresh as it can be—without picking it right off the plant, anyway. When you shop local, your food is usually fresher. Why? It hasn’t had to travel, get “packaged,” or be stored for a long time. Want the freshest? Stay local.

So, after reading this limited selection of benefits, you can probably see why we at Greene’s Beans café in Sparta love to stay local! Next time you’re out on the hometown, stop by to check us out: We have three convenient locations, including cafés in Sparta and Hackettstown and a kiosk at Centenary College’s Taylor Library.

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