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Want the Best Coffee? Roast Those Beans!

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Want the Best Coffee? Roast Those Beans!

Unless you’re into some very specialty coffee, almost all your coffee started out as beans—green beans, for that matter! Not the green beans you might cook up with some bacon and almonds, but coffee beans. What makes these darlings brown, smoky, and delicious? The roasting process!
Nobody is entirely sure how humans first started roasting coffee beans, but we’re sure glad they did! Historic evidence points to coffee beans being roasted over an open flame in a large pan, with the operator stirring around the beans to cook them evenly. This left some beans undercooked, and others overcooked! Fortunately, today’s world has plenty of bean roasting technology that can help us roast our beans evenly—and we do!
The type and quality of the coffee roaster can have a huge impact on the flavor of the coffee—just like the skill of the person doing the roasting. Whether you like your coffee a little smoky, light and delicate, or anything in between, the level of roasting can add to this. Even better, almost all fresh-roasted coffee tastes better because it is just so fresh!
Greene’s Beans, a coffee shop in New Jersey has been the premiere coffee bean roaster in the county for over twenty years. As far as we know, we are the only café to roast our own beans, but if we’ve gotten some competition over the years, we’d love to meet up and swap secrets! We are committed to bringing the best, freshest coffee to Sparta, Hackettstown, and everywhere else in the area, starting with our home-roasted coffee beans.

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