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How Cappuccinos are Made

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How Cappuccinos are Made

Your cappuccino starts like all our coffee drinks: by roasting the delicate coffee beans to release their delicious flavor! Next, the beans are finely ground so they can be used to make espresso—the same beans that go into regular American-style coffee, but ground more finely and prepared differently. These grounds are placed into the espresso machine, which force hot water through the coffee very quickly to create the espresso. Next, milk is frothed with hot steam, getting light, airy, and warm. The milk turns into a microfoam, which is poured over the espresso in equal amounts. Mix up and pour your frothed milk? Then you have a latte macchiato—a similar, but slightly different drink.
Of course, many coffee shops, including Greene’s Beans, add a flavor shot to the cappuccino to make it extra delicious! No matter how you like your drinks, stop by Greene’s Beans for one today!

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